The Six Figure Program Review: Legit or Not

Product Name: The Six Figure Program

Sixfigureprogram is an affiliate training program. I had a hard time figuring out exactly what they were selling by initially looking at the sales page on front page. Its a well done sales page and they make it sounds like its very easy.

Reality is that affiliate marketing is hard. That business model is saturated and the competition is pretty high when it comes to traffic sources. Its one thing to find something to promote but its another finding profitable traffic sources and learning how to make converting sales pages. This takes basic knowledge and mostly testing testing testing.

When doing my research online about the the six figure program. The feeling I got from people was that sixfigureprogram is pretty basic training / information kit. There is no wining formula or secret. Getting profitable in affiliate marketing requires more then just an ebook.

Most basic affiliate marketing information can be found on blogs and forums. Finding a good product to promote on the right traffic source and making it profitable. Takes doing homework and testing.

Video review of the six figure program.