Partner With Paul Review: Is a scam?

Is Partner With Paul a Scam?

Short answer is yes. All partnerwithpaul does is collect your information by using a great sales page and flashing big checks. What actually does is sell a kit. Which then directs buyers to work with herbalife: a supplement / health sales company that uses MLM tactics to sell product and recruiter people. For anyone interested in the doing MLM just go and sign up direct with herbalife and avoid the fees Partner With Paul will present.

For anyone looking to find real income at home opportunities. See our guides and find legitimate companies to work with.

Partner With Paul Review. Review.

Taxlienuniversity Review

Info: Program teaching real estate investors to find deals using tax liens.

Taxlienuniversity Review.

Healthbizinabox Review: Scam or Not

Taking a look at healthbizinabox

Overview: After taking a look at health biz in a box website and doing some online research. Its my opinion that healthbizinabox is a well made and presented sales website with great copy. There product / service helps people setup an online store selling supplements and health products.
For anyone serious about starting an online store, beware. You’re much better off learning design or paying someone to make you a website (control your own online assets). Finding health products and supplements to promote is also easy. All one has to do is look. Check out for info products and GNC’s affiliate page for supplement info.

Healthbizinabox Review.

Getpaidtakingsurveys Review: Real or a Scam

Getpaidtakingsurveys Review.


Info: Looks like an email generation site. I’d watch out before putting my email in anything like that. Usually users will get signed up on a email list / newsletter. Emails and newsletters will typically consist of other offers in the work from home niche. Its a pretty common trick used in this business. The site itself isn’t an actual survey company.

Solution: See the Online Survey Guide and Mystery Shopping Guide.

Getpaidtakingsurveys Review

Other Reviews. reviews and Review: Is Pay Check Central Real or a Scam Review

Looks a another lead generation website. After the site gets your email, they will spam you with offers via email or phone number. Depending on what they ask for.

See our work from home guide to get a better idea about work from opportunities online Guide. Review Review: Local office work jobs Review: Local office work jobs

Looks like a lead / email gathering website. The text is pretty basic with instruction to enter an email address. Nothing specific as to what the opportunity is.

See our guides for those looking to find office based work from home opportunities. Review.

Paid Surveys Etc Review: Legit or Scam

Paid Surveys Etc Review
Url in question –

Paid Surveys Etc looks like another paid survey site. When I checked it out there was a $69 dollar fee to join. The information on the page is kinda┬ásalesy with nothing concrete about the service or product. Most legit surveys companies don’t charge contract employes money. It works the other way around.

For people looking for make money with surveys. Start by taking look at our online survey guide and going through our list of online survey companies. Just remember there’s plenty of legit servey companies that wont charge a dime to join, look for companies like that. Good luck.
Paid Surveys Etc Review

Lump Sum Profits Review: Legit or a Scam.

Lump Sum Profits

Looks like a rank and flip system. For anyone without SEO experience: A guide like this might work. The idea is pretty simple learn Basic SEO / Link Building. Flip sites after gaining search engine ranking for profit on special domain auction sites like flippa. To me its just another INFO product: Info that can be found online and is usually behind times. Good Luck.

Lump Sum Profits Video Review. Review

Content removed because of legal threats, sorry. Review

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