Call Center Companies, Virtual Call Center List 1

Work From Home Call Center Companies List 1

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Also See >>> Virtual Call Center List 2 / : Alpine Recruiting and Alpine Access Jobs.
Info – Alpine Access is a top virtual call center company. Technical support from home jobs, customer service, and telemarketing.
Link – – Advise Tech.
Info – Part time, telemarketing
Link – – Advanis
Info – Remote position, Home Based Telephone Research Interviewer
Link – – Acd Direct / Acd Direct Jobs
Info – Call center, home based.
Link – – Accuconference
Info – Call Center and Sales Rep at home positions.
Link – – Accolade Support
Info – Independent Contractor Customer Service Agents.
Link – – 1800 flowers Jobs
Info – Large Flower Order Company. Sometimes has customer service position available from home.
Link – – Working Solutions
Info – Looking for phone agents; Customer case, sale, tech, media support.
Link – – Westat
Info – Research and Phone data gathering.
Link – – West at Home / West Work At Home Agent
Info – Top virtual call center company, customer service agents.
Link – / – Bsg clearing jobs
Info – Call Center, Billing, Processors.
Link – – Vipdesk work at home
Info – Vipdesk work at home customer service job.
Link – – Verafast work at home
Info – Verafast work at home position; Customer Service Rep.
Link – – Onpoint work at home
Info – Telephone freelance opportunities.
Link – – Ocurrance / i stay home
Info – Outbound Call Center
Link – and – Niteo Services
Info – Telemarketing
Link – – Nest Level Solutions
Info – Virtual Independent Agent.
Link – –  New Corp Jobs
Info – Virtual Call Center / Customer Care Job.
Link – – Nco Group
Info – Nco Virtual agent; Customer Service Rep.
Link – and – Liveops home agents
Info – Live ops is a large virtual call center company. Liveops home agents have a broad selection of industries to work in.
Link – – Kelly Services
Info – See Home Based / Telecommute positions for work.
Link –

Uhaul – Uhaul Jobs
Info – Some Uhaul Jobs can be home based. Call center / Customer Care.
Link – – Cloud 10 work at home
Info – Cloud 10 work at home; Virtual Call Center.
Link – – Teletech at home / Tele Tech Jobs / Hirepoint
Info – See Teletech at home section for virtual call center job opportunities.
Link – – Telcare
Info – Customer Retention Specialists, Customer Surveys.
Link – (work from home is available nationwide) – Sutherland at Home
Info – Customer Care and Interaction.
Link – – Tech Support Jobs
Info – Tech Expect Support From Home Position.
Link –,Job&jvs=Rat_Race – Sitel Jobs
Info – Virtual Call Center Company.
Link – – Service 800 work at home
Info – Service 800 work from home opportunities: Motivated Individual, customer care, some experience.
Link – – PM Research.
Info – Research, Customer Experience Survey.
Link –

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Work From Home Bookkeping, Virtual Accounting Jobs, and Finance Companies Hiring Now.

Accounting jobs from home / Virtual bookkeeping jobs / Finance Jobs From Home
Below are accounting / bookkeping and financial companies hiring on a work from home basis.

Back to > Data Entry Jobs Guide (for more work from home opportunities) – Balance You Books: Jobs at balance your books
About – Work from home bookkeeping, experience with data entry, payroll, and a/p.
Link – – Accounting Department
About – Work from home accounting jobs and Work from home bookkeeping
Link – – Tad Accounting
About – Online CPA, Accouting, and Bookkeping Services.
Link – – Click Accounts
About – Outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping provider. Virtual accounting and bookkeeping opportunities.
Link – – Virtual Accountants
About – virtual accounting jobs and virtual bookkeeping jobs
Link – – Vt Audit
About – Auditors needed, must have payroll experience or experience with shipping and receiving billing.
Link – – A / R Recovery
About – Work at home opportunity for accounts receivable department.
Link – – Clicknwork
About – Analyst position, must be able to understand finances and economic information.
Link – – Bateman Houston
About – Accounting jobs from home, CPA required, part time.
Link – – Corp Tax.
About – Professional corp tax software company.
Link – (click on remote to see if any virtual accounting jobs are available) – Dotun and Casserly (Accounting and Tax)
About – Tax Data Entry, Accounting work, Bookkeping.
Link – – First Data Jobs
About – Payment processing company, End to end processing for financial companies.
Link – (check jobs search and find remote positions) – Loan Processor
About – Mortgage Loan Processor.
Link –


Administrative Data Entry Companies

Administrative Data Entry Work, Transcriptions, Typists, and more.

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Data Entry Companies List. – Working Solutions
About – Become a Working Solutions Agent. Agents work from home, computer and phone needed. Working Solutions agents can average $7.50 – $30 per hour. Depending on project type. Types of jobs: Social Media Jobs Managing and Analyzing media accounts, Account Management, Customer and Tech Support, others.
Link – – People Support / Aegis People Support
About – Looking For E-reps and transcriptions. Aegis / People Support works with over 30 Fortune 500 companies in the fields of banking, finance, insurance, travel, and others.
Link – – Axion Data / Data Entry Services and Data Entry Outsourcing Company.
About – Axion specializes outsourcing data entry work. Data Entry Jobs aren’t always available. All data entry vendors are home based.
Link – – Capital Typing.
About – Provides data entry, market research, office and admin services.
Link – – Vitac work from home.
About – Vitac work from home opportunities include remote captioner. Service offered subtitling, transcription, descriptions, captions, captioning jobs.
Link – – Troy Research.
About – Research company that hires contractors to work from home.
Link – – TigerFish Transcription.
About – Large online transcription company, work from home positions US based. Looking for data entry typists; fast, good ear, strong English.
Link – – Caption Colorado
About – Caption Colorado offers captioning jobs from home with benefits of a regular onsite job in some cases. Part and Full time captioning jobs.
Link – – Corporate Concierges Unlimited.
About – Organization services, data management, filing, shipping, web, word processing jobs and others.
Link – – Dion Data Solutions
About – Dion Data Solutions Us based work from home positions. Looking for fast typers, computer operating skills, timely, independent. Data Management Company; Data entry, Inventory, document archiving, list development, claims processing.
Link – – Team Double Click
About – Virtual Assistant Jobs.
Link – – Speakwrite / Speak Write
About – Voice to Document service, typists. Hiring independent contractors from home.
Link – – Quicktate / Quicktate Typist
About – Quicktate is a transcription company looking for typists. Job duties include transcribing letters, memos, documents, voice mail, and more.
Link – – Net Transcripts
About – Word Predecessor positions.
Link – – Mulberry Studio
About – Transcription and Proofreading jobs available to do from home on a contractual basis.
Link – – Lifebushido
About – Work from home company. Part time virtual assistant, realtor assistant, writing.
Link – – Key For Cash
About – Key For Cash is a work from home data entry company, must have typing skills to work with Key For Cash.
Link – – Expedict
About – Audi Typists / Transcription; work in financial, media, legal, and insurance fields.
Link – – Intrep
About – Admin support, appointment setting, lead gen, list creation.
Link – – 3 Alpha Data Entry Services
About – Data Entry Service, wide range of data entry services.
Link – – Edata India
About – Data Entry Operator Positions.
Link – – Mega Typers
About – Data Entry, Writers, Catcpa Solving.
Link – – Hea Employment
About – Data Entry and Typist
Link – – Tdec the data entry company
About – Contractor Opportunities, Data Entry and Processing.
Link – – Writers Research Group
About – Writer’s research group has opportunities for Data Entry Specialists, Researchers, Writers.
Link – – Data Plus.
About – Data Entry work
Link – – Supna Global Work Force
About – Data Entry, Virtual Assistant.
Link – find email for resumes on the contact page.

Research Companies: Court and Online Researcher Jobs, Title Abstractor Jobs, Courthouse Researcher

Company List for Online Research Jobs, Internet Research Jobs, Title Abstractor / Title Examiner Jobs, Courthouse Researcher Jobs and Court Research Companies.

See our Data Entry Jobs Guide for more opportunities.

Researcher Company List is in Two Sections.
This is Research Jobs List 1

Go to Researcher Jobs List 2 – Accurate Background / napbs
Info – Accurate Background / napbs in a background search company.
Web –
Vendor Link – Courthouse Researcher sign up link – Vendor Login
Contact Info: Researchers and Vendors: 800.216.8047 – Advanced Background Checks
Info – Public record researchers and background checks.
Web –
Vendor Link – Click Become a researcher link on home page. – Background Profiles Inc
Info – Background research, data verification, empowerment screening.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Castle Branch
Info – Employment Screening, Background checking.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Integrity title records
Info – Title Examiner, Title Abstractor, Researching Real Estate Data.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Deed Collector
Info – Mortgage Research company, Courthouse Researcher.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Hireright
Info – Employment Research.
Web –
Vendor Link – Court Researcher Link – select work from home under location. – Mailco Productions
Info – Data Research for Mortgage Leads, Marriage Leads, Mailing.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Find an Heir / Harvey E Morse PA
Info – Genealogical Researchers, and more.
Web –
Vendor Link – – United Data Network
Info – Mortgage, Judgement, Marriage Data Research.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Information Technologies Inc
Info – Court Abstractors and Data Collectors
Web –
Vendor Link – – Mid South Information Services Inc.
Info – Research, Screening, Background Checks.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Mintel
Info – Market research.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Search Quest America
Info – People Search.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Tax Sale Lists
Info – Tax Lien / Tax Deed Records and Research.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Convergence Research
Info – Researchers.
Web –
Vendor Link –
Call or email for research position Call (513) 737-5813 or use the email link on the vendor page. – Wholesale Screening Solutions.
Info – Wholesaler of county and state criminal search.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Sentinel Screening
Info – Data Researchers and Court Retrievers needed.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Omni Date Retrieval
Info – Court Researcher.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Court Couriers
Info – Criminal Record Researcher.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Information Direct
Info – Criminal, Employment, Social Security checks.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Accurate Backgroud Inc
Info – Court researchers
Web –
Vendor Link –

Company List is in two sections.
This is Research Jobs List 1

Go to Researcher Jobs List 2


Researcher List 2 – Courthouse Researcher Jobs, Data Researcher, Online Research Jobs

See our Data Entry Jobs Guide for more opportunities.

Researcher Company List is in Two Sections.
This is Research Jobs List 2
Go to Researcher Jobs List 1 – First national acceptance company
Info – Courthouse Researcher, Researching Real Estate Records.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Jellybean Services
Info – Court Research Company – Learn being a court researcher.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Personnel profiles
Info – Background checks and research.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Sun Lark Research
Info – Public Records Researchers, Courthouse Researchers.
Web –
Vendor Link – – usis / usis careers / usis jobs
Info – a research company
Web –
Vendor Link – – Validity Screening
Info – Employment and Background Screening, Vendor Screening.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Wolfgang Research / WRProfessionals
Info – Wolfgang research, wolfgang research pay
Web –
Vendor Link – ( WRProfessionals this page is dedicated to researchers) and – Lexisnexis
Info – Data Collection and Research.
Web –
Vendor Link –
Contact via email – – The Screening Group
Info – Court Researcher
Web –
Vendor Link – – B&B Reporting
Info – Researcher
Web –
Vendor Link – contact by email or call. – Court Record Searches
Info – Courthouse Research
Web –
Vendor Link – Click the Get Started Button to sign up. – First Choice Research / First Choice Background Information
Info – Employer Search, Credit, Criminal Background Research
Web –
Vendor Link – – Affirm Backgrounds
Info – Court Researchers, Criminal and Background Researchers.
Web –
Vendor Link – – Lighthouse Information Services
Info – Court Research, Data Search.
Web –
Vendor Link – email or call for vendor info: Jennifer Thomas 770.772.7128 – Guaranty Research
Info – Court Record Search, Criminal Record Searchers, Employee Verification
Web –
Vendor Link –

Researcher Company List is in Two Sections.
This is Research Jobs List 2
Go to Researcher Jobs List 1

2 Ways to Find Social Media Jobs

Social Media Jobs / Social Media Manager Jobs.
If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 5 years you know social media is the hottest thing online since google search. Businesses are starting to understand its a great tool to stay in front of customers and pick up new customers. Fortunately for Social media managers. Not everybody knows how to do social media appropriately or has the time to learn it. Its hard running a business as is. This creates a large opportunity for a wide range of social media jobs. Anything from general upkeep social media jobs to social media marketing jobs.

Two ways to find Social Media Jobs.

1) Use Freelance sites to find freelance social media jobs opportunities.
Large Freelance sites are pumping out social medial related work 24 hours a day.
*** See our Freelance Guide to find social medial jobs. Tips, Warnings, and a Large updated list of the busiest freelance sites offering freelance social media jobs. Click here.

2) Create a Social Media Package and Sell It.
This can be all in one bundle service using top social media sites or a specialized service on one.
*** See our sell a service using Craigslist, Fiverr, and Forum Classifieds guide. Out of the box thinking guide. We point out places and ways to sell social media services online.

2 Ways to Get Seo Jobs Now with companies that pay.

Seo Jobs / Search Engine Optimization Jobs.
The internet is changing the way businesses find clients. Whether its a small business owner trying to find leads for his plumbing business in Houston or a larger ecommerce company trying to sell physical goods. They all need traffic and SEO is one way of doing it.
Companies and local professionals are paying monthly fees, large one time fees, and small per project fees for seo services to get their site in top position for keywords that make them money.

Now let talk about the 2 ways anyone can use to find search engine optimization jobs. Assuming individuals trying to get seo jobs understand basic search engine optimization and have ranked sites before. I’m not just talking about providing link building jobs (although that’s a large part of seo) I’m talking about looking at SEO as a professional and making sure clients dont suffer ranking drops in the next algorithm update.


1) Freelance search engine marketing jobs / Link building Jobs.
Freelancing sites are going to be the fastest and easiest way pick up seo jobs and find small link building jobs. Large freelance sites are pumping out SEO related jobs 24 hours a day. Depending on the SEO Job request; payment will range. If its a request for something quick and automated, payment is doing to be low. But if its a large SEO Job; like doing onsite search engine optimization and link building by hand over a period of time. The payout will be drastically higher.
***Read our Freelance Guide, Find best and busiest sites to get SEO Jobs from, How to improve profile trust rankings to get more seo jobs, tips and tricks, and things to watch out for. Click Here.


2) Design a Seo Package and Sell it using Craigslist, Fiverr, and Forum Classifieds.
This technique is a little hands on and requires hustling. But ultimately can produce big seo jobs. Put together a catchy all in one seo package deal (or a individual link building service depending on the skills and resources). Charge a flat fee and market the heck out of it using resources mentioned. Have addon services available and do a little extra every time. Provide quality work on time, and follow up to get reoccurring seo jobs.
***Read our out of the box Craigslist, Fiverr, and Forum Marketing guide SEO professionals can use today to get more SEO Jobs. Click here.


2 Ways to Find Freelance Programming Jobs

1) Find Programming Jobs Using Freelance Sites.
Freelance Programming Jobs are probably the fastest to get. Large freelance websites are cranking out programming projects 24 hours a day.

***See Our Freelance Guide – Best Companies to sign up with when doing Freelance Programming Jobs, Tip and Tricks, Warnings.

2) Sell Programming Services.
***See Our Service Selling Guide. – How to find customers, find unique ways to get programming jobs. ( Guide includes Craigslist, Fiverr, and Forum Marketing Ideas )

2 Ways to Find Freelance Graphic and Web Design Jobs

The internet created a large industry for web designers and graphic design professionals. Just about every business and local professional needs a website to stay relevant. Also making a website with intent is a great way to get client. Business owners are starting to realize the potential. Fortunately for web designers most people dont know how or have the time to learn web design or graphic design. Small business sites and product sites are a great way to pick up design jobs and even built a long term customer base.

1) Freelance Web Graphic Jobs / Freelance Web Design Jobs.
Freelance is the quickest way to find design work. Large freelance sites work 24 hours a day connecting people online. New opportunities for freelance graphic design jobs are made hourly.
We put together a freelance guide with top trusted freelance sites you can register with. Read tips and tricks; and things to watch out for when doing freelance web graphic jobs.


2) Dont Look for Web Design Jobs; Sell a Web Design Service – Put together a catchy web design package and charge a flat fee with addons. Another way is by charging per job; Banner Design, Logo Design, Some small part of a site Design.



How to Make Money on Craigslist, Fiverr, and Forum Classifieds Ads.

How to Make Money on Craigslist.
Craiglists is in the top 10 most visited websites in America. It also happens to be a very easy to use and its free. Businesses and professionals use Craigslist daily to sell services, find services, find employes, and get clients. Its not just for decluttering your garage anymore. The site is broken down into local communities with pretty much similar sections in each city.

Lets look at the services and gigs section and learn how to make money on Craigslist by providing services and looking for freelance work opportunities.

Craigslist Gigs Section.

Gigs section is made for companies and individuals looking to hire skilled people using a pay per gig model. I looked at 3 sections in the gigs area and found freelance opportunities writing content, graphic design, and web development / programing. Mind you I only checked my city. Many more freelancing opportunities can be found by searching gigs section in all major cities.

Tip 1: Dont get ripped of. Make sure you know who you’re working with. Get paid upfront or at least half.
Tip 2: Paypal is the easiest way to receive payments online. Set up an account and learn to use it.

Make even more money freelancing: Checkout our Freelance Jobs Guide.


Craigslist Services Section (Learn How To Make Money on Craigslist by offering services.)

In order to make money in the services section of Craigslist an actual services is required. By doing a quick search I found web developers, content providers, graphic designers, seo link builders, and others. If you have any technical, web, writing, seo skills, or anything else that can be done virtually, downloaded, or emailed. This can be a great way make money and build a long term online business with real customers.

Tip 3 (A): What if I dont have any solid skills or I’m just to busy.

Think arbitrage (buy low sell high) Services can be bought and sold just like products. You might not have the technical or creative skills. But you can find a solid person who does (buy low) advertise this services as your own (sell high).

Thanks for reading our how to make money on craigslist section. Now lets take a look at a couple more opportunities and put it all together. 



What is and How Can I make Money with Fiverr.
Fiverr is a large marketplace for services, tasks, and talent; all for 5 bucks. It might not sound like a lot but It can keep you busy. Services range from logo design, quick coding / programming jobs, writing, video, link building services, and many other wacky ideas.
So how can I take advantage of this.
Figure out what your time is worth. If a $5 gig takes all day or even an hour to complete. Its probably not worth it. If its something that takes 5-15 minutes to do, it might be worth looking into. Get creative, see what others are selling and having success with. Fiverr isnt the only site of its kind, doing a quick search will reveile. At leat 10 – 15 other highly traffice sites just like it. But Fiverr is still the daddy of them all.

Tip 3 (B): Find top Fiverr Gigs and resell them for profit on craigslist and other places.

Think arbitrage (buy low sell high) Find top providers that deliver quality work in a timely manner. Because Fiverr is an international marketplace; $5 might be good money for someone in India, Philippines, or Czechoslovakia. Great young talent can be utilized in other countries.

Heres what I found doing a quick search and filtering by top ratings.

– Make a professional looking video in HD featuring your business $5. Great service for businesses / local professionals looking to create youtube videos or quick introduction videos for their sites.
– Will research and write a unique article $5. The research part is great; this can be content for a site, a blog, or a product or service review. I also found gigs with 2-3 articles for $5; lesser quality but unique, great for link building.
– Professional voice over or message for $5.
– Tons of SEO / Link Building gigs.
– Fix, Repair, Tweak HTML, PHP, JAVA, WordPress, CSS $5 Gigs.
– Professional LOGO, Web Banners, Ebook Covers, Headers, Graphics $5

Its a goldmine for talent.

Forum Classified Ads / Buy and Sell Sections.
Some popular forums and websites have buy and sell sections. They can be an excellent place to offer services and find clients. Take a look at popular forums in design, coding, seo, video, real estate, small business, and your own niches.
The deeper you go the more money you can charge.
Example if you go to a popular web developer site like sitepoint and offer services; you will be competing with many of top level people. Plus most developers are cheap. But if you find a site where local professionals hang out; like real estate agents, plumbers, small business owners. You can offer services at a much higher rate and have less competition. If a site doesn’t have a buy and sell section / classifieds section (But is very popular). Try to have catchy text or a small banner in the signature space. Then get involved in the forum and attract buyers / clients that way.

Popular Forums with classifieds / buy and sell sections. (sitepoint marketplace) – web developer and web design forum. – web, seo, online marketing forum.

To find more.
Google this: ( “Powered by vBulletin” “Buy Sell” )or( “Powered by vBulletin” “Marketplace” ) Try other forum platforms.
Hope you enjoyed the how to make money on craigslist, fiverr, and forum guide. Use one idea or tie them all together. Think outside the box, work hard, and you’ll make money online.


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