Legit Paid Survey Companies, Learn how to do online surveys for money.

Companies hire people to do online surveys to obtain feedback about their products and services. Those who participate in the surveys are freelancers who work from home. In essence, the online survey worker is serving a valuable need, as companies use the feedback to improve their products and offer things consumers want.

Online survey freelancers must have Internet access because the surveys are delivered by email. The surveyor can open the survey and take it on the company’s site. Most surveys take between 15 and 25 minutes to complete. People may also be invited to participate in offline focus groups in their cities, too. Most online survey workers earn anywhere from $11 to $35 per hour. Those who earn the hire higher hourly rates have usually been doing it awhile. It will take a person some time to build up a clientele so they can work full-time. However, may online survey workers do it part time for extra money.

There are a number of marketing research companies that hire people to do online surveys. NPD Group is one such company. Survey workers may also contact marketing research firms or moderators in their own area to find assignments. Moderators are the interviews who conduct focus groups. These companies often advertise in publications like “Quirk’s” magazine, a marketing research publication. Many survey workers search online for companies that promote a multitude of companies that use online surveyors. These lists are invaluable as people can literally apply for dozens and even hundreds of survey positions. Work as an online survey taker can be sporadic. Therefore, it is best if people apply for lots of positions.

The first step in getting online survey jobs is filling out an application. Most of these firms are looking for people who buy a variety of products, including cell phones, electronic readers and laptops. There are also real estate and finance companies that hire surveyors, so home owners and household decision makers are in high demand. After the application process, a person may be invited to take surveys immediately. The survey companies may start people out by giving them points instead of money. This enables the company to distinguish between those who are serious and those who aren’t. Points can be used to purchase items on various sites. However, people do start earning money fairly quickly.

Companies are looking for honesty among survey workers. They need accurate information from which to make important business decisions. Some of the information may be more personal, such as questions about age, ethnic background and income. The survey worker who wants lots of assignments needs to answer these questions. The information will be kept confidential. But the demographic data like age and income helps companies better pinpoint their target audiences. These are the people who are most likely to purchase their wares or services.

Those who continually fill out surveys regularly will earn the most money from them. It is also important to complete the surveys soon after they are delivered by email. The companies will be monitoring how long it takes survey workers to respond. They want to know who they can count of for quick turnaround times. And these people will be rewarded the most for the efforts.

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