Online Income Solutions Review: Scam or Legit.

Online Income Solutions

Online Income Solutions is an online website that sells a make money online kit. The sales page is very general and mostly made to sell. Words like quick, fast, easy always turn me away: because there’s no such thing. Plus the page is plastered with other brand logos like facebook and newspapers sites that have nothing to do with this website. But it builds trust to an untrained eye.

From what I found online about Online Income Solutions product. Its a very basic kit, information that can be researched online. Lots of people who weren’t happy with the product and tried to get a refund were unsuccessful (Read refund stipulation in the terms and condition always before giving anybody your credit card). In my opinion the best thing to learn from this site is how to make a sales landing page.

Another quick warning about online income solutions. I’ve seen lots of people complaint about Online Income Solutions refund policy. You have have been warned.

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