How to Make Money on Craigslist, Fiverr, and Forum Classifieds Ads.

How to Make Money on Craigslist.
Craiglists is in the top 10 most visited websites in America. It also happens to be a very easy to use and its free. Businesses and professionals use Craigslist daily to sell services, find services, find employes, and get clients. Its not just for decluttering your garage anymore. The site is broken down into local communities with pretty much similar sections in each city.

Lets look at the services and gigs section and learn how to make money on Craigslist by providing services and looking for freelance work opportunities.

Craigslist Gigs Section.

Gigs section is made for companies and individuals looking to hire skilled people using a pay per gig model. I looked at 3 sections in the gigs area and found freelance opportunities writing content, graphic design, and web development / programing. Mind you I only checked my city. Many more freelancing opportunities can be found by searching gigs section in all major cities.

Tip 1: Dont get ripped of. Make sure you know who you’re working with. Get paid upfront or at least half.
Tip 2: Paypal is the easiest way to receive payments online. Set up an account and learn to use it.

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Craigslist Services Section (Learn How To Make Money on Craigslist by offering services.)

In order to make money in the services section of Craigslist an actual services is required. By doing a quick search I found web developers, content providers, graphic designers, seo link builders, and others. If you have any technical, web, writing, seo skills, or anything else that can be done virtually, downloaded, or emailed. This can be a great way make money and build a long term online business with real customers.

Tip 3 (A): What if I dont have any solid skills or I’m just to busy.

Think arbitrage (buy low sell high) Services can be bought and sold just like products. You might not have the technical or creative skills. But you can find a solid person who does (buy low) advertise this services as your own (sell high).

Thanks for reading our how to make money on craigslist section. Now lets take a look at a couple more opportunities and put it all together. 



What is and How Can I make Money with Fiverr.
Fiverr is a large marketplace for services, tasks, and talent; all for 5 bucks. It might not sound like a lot but It can keep you busy. Services range from logo design, quick coding / programming jobs, writing, video, link building services, and many other wacky ideas.
So how can I take advantage of this.
Figure out what your time is worth. If a $5 gig takes all day or even an hour to complete. Its probably not worth it. If its something that takes 5-15 minutes to do, it might be worth looking into. Get creative, see what others are selling and having success with. Fiverr isnt the only site of its kind, doing a quick search will reveile. At leat 10 – 15 other highly traffice sites just like it. But Fiverr is still the daddy of them all.

Tip 3 (B): Find top Fiverr Gigs and resell them for profit on craigslist and other places.

Think arbitrage (buy low sell high) Find top providers that deliver quality work in a timely manner. Because Fiverr is an international marketplace; $5 might be good money for someone in India, Philippines, or Czechoslovakia. Great young talent can be utilized in other countries.

Heres what I found doing a quick search and filtering by top ratings.

– Make a professional looking video in HD featuring your business $5. Great service for businesses / local professionals looking to create youtube videos or quick introduction videos for their sites.
– Will research and write a unique article $5. The research part is great; this can be content for a site, a blog, or a product or service review. I also found gigs with 2-3 articles for $5; lesser quality but unique, great for link building.
– Professional voice over or message for $5.
– Tons of SEO / Link Building gigs.
– Fix, Repair, Tweak HTML, PHP, JAVA, WordPress, CSS $5 Gigs.
– Professional LOGO, Web Banners, Ebook Covers, Headers, Graphics $5

Its a goldmine for talent.

Forum Classified Ads / Buy and Sell Sections.
Some popular forums and websites have buy and sell sections. They can be an excellent place to offer services and find clients. Take a look at popular forums in design, coding, seo, video, real estate, small business, and your own niches.
The deeper you go the more money you can charge.
Example if you go to a popular web developer site like sitepoint and offer services; you will be competing with many of top level people. Plus most developers are cheap. But if you find a site where local professionals hang out; like real estate agents, plumbers, small business owners. You can offer services at a much higher rate and have less competition. If a site doesn’t have a buy and sell section / classifieds section (But is very popular). Try to have catchy text or a small banner in the signature space. Then get involved in the forum and attract buyers / clients that way.

Popular Forums with classifieds / buy and sell sections. (sitepoint marketplace) – web developer and web design forum. – web, seo, online marketing forum.

To find more.
Google this: ( “Powered by vBulletin” “Buy Sell” )or( “Powered by vBulletin” “Marketplace” ) Try other forum platforms.
Hope you enjoyed the how to make money on craigslist, fiverr, and forum guide. Use one idea or tie them all together. Think outside the box, work hard, and you’ll make money online.