3 Ways to Get Online Writing Jobs, Freelance, and Real Writing Jobs.

Freelance writers work from home. Most of them earn money writing online articles, web site content, brochures, sales letters, corporate reports, press releases, speeches and other written materials. Those who write information pieces for corporations are called copywriters. Freelance writers must keep track of their earnings and expenses, then report their profits on tax forms. However, freelance writers, like other home-based workers, can write off part of their mortgage/office expenses, depending on the rooms they use for offices. They can also deduct advertising, postage and their mileage, if they must travel around town to interview people for articles.

The reduction in circulations of major newspapers has forced many journalists into freelance writing. However, many people from various backgrounds have started freelance writing careers after losing jobs during the recession. Freelance writing is one of the most prevalent types of online jobs available. A person only needs a computer and the Internet to do research for articles. And those with business backgrounds can contact former clients or associates for business. There are many sites that pay people to write articles online. The requirements vary by site but a college education and experience is often sufficient to land a freelance writing position.

Content writing is one type of writing people can apply for online. There are many sites that hire people for content writing, including Demand Studios, Textbroker, Bright Hub, Interact Media, Yahoo Contributor Network, Constant Content, Suite 101, ODesk and Writer Access. Freelance writers can also conduct an online search to find other listings, including those for Elance and Craigslist. People usually apply for these sites and submit writing samples. If they qualify, the content writing companies will allow freelancers to write articles for them. Most have articles listed within the sites. A freelance writer just needs to claim and write them. And most companies pay freelancers weekly or monthly after the articles are approved. Payments are often sent through Paypal.

Most successful freelance writers do both online and offline writing. They may use the Writer’s Market to identify publishers that accept articles or manuscripts. Writer’s Market lists many different publishers and agents. A writer may be asked to send an article or book, or write one on spec. Those who write publications on spec will usually send a query letter and proposal for their piece. If accepted, the freelance writer often gets an advance before the article or book is written.

Freelance writers must be well-organized. They must spend their time writing as well as continually developing new clients. Those who do copywriting for corporations and small advertising firms often advertise their services. For example, a freelance copywriter may advertise his services in trade publications such as “Advertising Week” or “Entrepreneur.” The ad may be either a classified or small display ad, which is often more cost-effective than the larger ads. Companies that respond to the copywriter’s ads may have the individual visit their locations if the person is local. However, many freelance copywriters accept assignments online. And they get more assignments if they produce quality work.

Freelance writers must be self-starters. They must manage their own time productively, as they don’t have a boss telling them what to do. Instead, they meet demands of their clients. And online content writers are free to do as many articles or pieces they can write. People can start freelance writing part-time while working jobs, until they start earning a full-time income.

1) One way of finding Online Writing Jobs is applying direct with companies that specialize in writing services.

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2) Second way is going after freelance writing jobs online.

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3) Third way is using sites like Craigslist, fiverr, backpage, and forum sites with a classifieds section to sell a your writing as a service.

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