Foreclosure Money, Trash Out, Property Preservation, Reo Asset Management Guide and Company List.

The most popular way to make money in the construction industry right now is with Reo Asset Management and  Property Preservation. Because foreclosures are at a historic high the demand is high. Once a home is foreclosed it needs to be cleaned up, preserved, and maintained. Property preservation companies are running in over drive right now. Most times they work with Reo Asset Management Companies and Local Real Estate Agents that list foreclosures. The actual Bank or Mortgage Lender doesn’t usually get involved directly with a foreclosed property; and contracts the work out to Property Preservation Companies and Asset Management Companies. Who then find contractors and vendors to cover specific areas. Because these reo property preservation companies cant be in every zip code, all jobs are done by independent contractors and vendors.

Property Preservation Companies List and Reo Asset Management Companies List.

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General Property Preservation Tasks.

Securing Property/Lock Installation.
Vendors check to make sure the property isn’t occupied; if not the property is secured. Most times with new lock set. The keys are then left in a combo lock box. Lock boxes are used to provide access to other vendors, agents, and buyers. This is one of the first property preservation jobs lenders and reo asset management companies perform on a property.

Task Details:
•Gaining access and re-keying of locks •Installing deadbolts •Securing patio doors
•Securing garage doors •Securing any gates •Securing windows
•Boarding up a door/window if needed •Providing a combo lock box with new keys

Trash Out Business and Foreclosure Cleanup Business

Some people make a good living by running a trash out business / foreclosure cleanup business. Local trash out companies or individuals who clean out foreclosures are essential to putting a foreclosed home on the market. This is done to increases a home’s marketability. Trash outs are probably one of  the most lucrative property preservation jobs: payouts will range depends on the size of the home, the amount of things left at the property, and the type of cleaning requested.

Hud Property Preservation Pricing Chart.
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Lawn Care
Most reo asset management companies will request an initial lawn care / trimming job. This type of service can be a residual form of income. Specially in the warmer months when grass and weeds grow fast. Occasional lawn care / trimming will be needed while the property is being sold to keep the outside area neat. Lawn care and a trash out can be done in a combination. Property preservation companies each have specific procedures when dealing with multiple tasks.


Property Winterization.
Foreclosed properties can sit vacant for months and sometimes years. In colder areas pipes can crack or burst from cold temperatures. This can cause water damage, flooding, value loss, and more expenses for asset management companies and banks. To prevent larger problems lender and reo management companies are winterizing homes.

Basic Weatherization Tasks include:
•Turing the water off
•Draining pipes
•Opening faucets
•Draining toilets
•Turning off HVAC systems (If requested)
•Checking for broken pipes or faucets


Other property preservation services and actual remodel or updating is done on a need basis. Depending on the home’s condition and repair needs. Lenders and Reo Asset Management Companies need contractors in many fields of work. Roofing, Painting, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpet/Hardwood, Woodwork, and others.

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Property Preservation Companies List and Reo Asset Management Companies List.

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