Field Services Guide: Plus Field Asset Services and Field Service Companies List

The Field Services Industry is not well known. It’s almost an underground secret business anyone can start doing either part or full time and earn a living. Work usually originates from large companies ranging from lenders, banks, insurance companies, asset management companies, title companies, and others. Large companies typically outsource field work to smaller companies that specialize in field asset services. To avoid hiring full time employees in every city companies contract this work out to local field agents.

Majority of the time field agents don’t need extensive training, to be licensed, or even experience (but not in all cases). This makes it easy to get started. Just about all field service jobs are done by independently contracted individuals who pick up and complete work in their local areas. You as an individual field contractor can choose the type of work you want to perform; zip codes covered and the income you want to receive for each order. The pay can range from a quick $10 drive by to a more detailed report that can pay as much as $120. Instructions and requirements differ from company to company. You’ll need to sign up with as many quality field service companies as possible in order to produce maximum results. I find that 20% of my companies produce 80% of my work. But I’m always looking for new opportunities. I’d rather have to decline orders than have days without work. If you saw copies of my checks you will know I like to keep busy. I’m sure we all do. I keep my smart phone close by as most of my work comes by email, text message, or online. Make sure you’re ready to grab it quick! Most companies provide online training or a guide on how to complete orders. With time jobs will be easier and quicker to complete. One of the most important things to remember is to take extra photos, take down some quick notes, and always get your work done on time. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way! Some companies will stop sending you work if you’re not punctual. Better reports and quick turnaround times will bring in more work.

Tools Needed for the Job:

Computer / Internet access: Since most communication and job details are submitted online, a computer and internet connection is a must.

Digital Camera: A general digital camera will work. Larger lens cameras will make it easier to zoom in from longer distances and focus on small details.

Transportation:  Having a vehicle is a must to get around quickly and perform work in a timely matter.

Phone: Mobile, Voice, Text, Email, Web Access can all be had with a smart phone.

GPS: This will make your life so much easier when you have 10-15 addresses to find.

Insurance: It is recommended to have business insurance/error and omissions. Some companies might ask for it.

List of Field Service Companies: A list is included with this guide.

Resume: (not necessary but helpful) Resume should include contact information, an objective (have a specific objective), experience or education (to show them you know what you’re doing), and a coverage area (zip codes, cities, counties). A resume is not required, but having one helps you stand out.

Most Common Types of Field Services and Field Asset Services:

Condition Report: These reports require a description of the property, notes of visible repairs or concerns with the property, if any, and general photos and close ups of areas of concern.

Repair Check: Some properties will require repairs in order to obtain financing or comply with standards. Therefore banks, lenders, and insurance companies will send out field inspectors to ensure the required repairs have been made.

Bankruptcy Inspection: This involves conducting a visual inspection of the property to check if the property is occupied.

Foreclosure Inspection: This is also a visual inspection of the property.

Draw Construction Inspections: These are done in different stages of a construction project.

Environment/Hazard Inspection: This requires a visual inspection to help determine the property condition and any environmental/hazard conditions.

Insurance Inspection: These are typically done for residential homes and involved both exterior and interior inspections. This job requires a general condition report and photos.

Equipment Check: This is conducted by equipment leasing companies in order to determine the location and condition of rented property.

Vacant Property Inspection: This inspection is completed on a vacant home that has been re-keyed and has a lock box. It requires a general inspection, condition report, photos, and details of any concerns noted.


Companies to sign up with.
Tip One: The more companies you sign up with the better. 100s if not 1000s of field work project are done in each state daily. Take your local territory with as many providers as you can.
Tip Two: Once a company responded and has you on their list, look them up online. If you find anything of concern. Have your field agent rep address the issue before doing any work for them.

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