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With the advancement in technology and the explosion of the internet, data entry work from home has become a sought-after commodity that shows no signs of slowing down. Many companies in their quest to maximize efficiency and cut costs are deciding to outsource data entry jobs as it will allow them to save on the overhead expenses of hiring an in-house employee. However, many data entry jobs from home are often scams as some companies require job seekers to pay a fee to join their program with false promises. So whether you’re looking to start a new career in data entry or just exploring different work from home options, it is important to understand how data entry works.


Data Entry Jobs – Working Directly with a Company.

With this option you sign up to work directory with a company. We broke the list down into groups.


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Freelance Data Entry Work at Home Opportunities.
Data Entry Jobs can be found using freelance sites. Freelance sites are working 24 hours helping companies connect with freelance data entry contractors. Most jobs are per project, but some can be found on a per hour or per week paid basis.


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Quick Data Entry Jobs Overview
: Data entry is the process of inputting information into a company’s computer system using a keyboard. It is viewed as the transfer of raw data from one location such as physical or online files, to a spreadsheet or online document.
Today, many companies rely mostly on their computer systems to acquire and analyze information and need data entry clerks to transfer those data including client’s mailing addresses, personal files, or patients’ records into a computerized database. This process is mainly to have the information available in an easy to use form that gets rid of paper copies and paperwork; therefore saving some much needed office space by eliminating filing cabinets.
A company will usually use the information to analyze its competition and industry allowing senior management to make sound and informed decisions that will affect how their business operates.
Data entry entails several jobs including typists, clerks, coders, transcribers, data entry processors, and word processors. These data entry jobs usually require applicants to have fast, excellent and accurate typing skills.
Most advertised data entry jobs are not well paid and often require no training for someone who constantly uses the computer and the internet and can type at a high WPM rate. However, there are a few specialized data entry occupations such as medical transcription jobs or medical coders that require some training and pay well.
In most systems, a data entry worker gets information from a website or raw data and uses a dashboard that is already installed on their computer and is connected to an employer or agency’s computer through a specific software. The purpose of the software is to convert and upload the data entered into the employer’s computer system.
Data entry work from home is very flexible and presents many advantages. First, data entry workers do not adhere to specific office hours. They can choose to work at 2 PM or 4 AM, as long as the work is done well and is delivered by the specified time, they will receive their payment. In addition, there is no work wardrobe or traveling costs and the internet usually serves as the sole means of contact between the employer or agency and the data entry clerk.
In sum, data entry work from home is booming and is a legitimate way of earning a living. Unfortunately, the profession has been infiltrated with numerous data entry scams, so it is important to always research the different companies and never pay a fee to get work.


Data Entry Jobs

Administrative Data Entry Work.

Researcher Data Entry Companies

Accounting / Bookkeeping / Financial Data Entry Work From Home

Freelance Data Entry Work at Home Opportunities.

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