Anthony Morrison Review: Is it a Scam

Anthony Morrison Review. Is his program a scam?

Anthony Morrison is a popular online money making Guru. He sells programs that promise to make you lots of money. Easy and Fast.

The reality is he probably makes his money on schmucks that purchase his program and not the actual process he sells. I’m of the option: if it makes so much money and its so easy, why expose your system. Making money online requires time and efforts, it not the wild wild west that used to be. Its just like opening a business in the real world, internet is just a platform.

So what does he teach. PPC and ROI. Buy clicks, send people to a landing page with a sales offer, make profit. There is 100 Forums and Blogs that talk about this and none will give you a winning formula. The only way to learn how to be profitable in this business is to test test test.

Idea is this.

You pay 50 cents per click.

You have an offer that pays you $20 per sale.

Whats the maximum amount of clicks you can buy and still be profitable.

15, 19, 20, 25 the correct answer is 19.

19 Clicks will cost you = $19.50

$20 Sale – $19.50 Click Expense = .50 Cent Profit. Thats 2.5% profit, now you can take that profit margin and scale (Buy more clicks) to a point were that 2.5% is substantial.

It not always this easy. Most offers and traffic wont give you positive numbers like this. Finding that elusive positive margin takes work. For anyone looking to purchase any programs. Save your money and lose it on clicks instead. Its will be the best training you can buy yourself.


Video Review: Anthony Morrison Scam.