Susans Business Blog Review: Real or Fake

Susans Business Blog Review.

First of all Susans Business Blog is not actually a blog. Its a sales page with a personal story. I’m not 100% sure if Susan is a real person that actually used the program sold to make any money. Pretty sure its not: so dont buy into it and read the disclosures.

Susans Business Blog directs interested parties to another page. Where the actual information product is found which is the six figure program. Its an affiliate based information product made to help people looking for income on the internet.

Don’t fall for stories like Susans. The internet in full of fake news stories and blogs trying to promote work from products. Using stories of single moms making big money online. Cheap tricks that work very well unfortunately. Legitimate ways to make money online require hard work and testing. Dont fall for the quick and easy solutions.

Susans Business Blog Video Review.

Survey Spot Review: Is SurveySpot a Scam or Not.

Survey Spot Review.
Is Survey Spot a scam site or just a waste of time.

We came to the conclusion its a waste of time. For people looking to do something more serious online with surveys or mystery shopping. This isn’t the right site.

SurveySpot works by having people provide their option of products, services, or what even they have in the pipeline at the time. In return SurveySpot gives back with prizes and small cash amounts. Users are also entered into drawing were larger prizes and cash amounts can be won.

For anyone looking to generate income online. Survey Spot isnt going to be a good option. Survey type and Mystery Shopping companies exist that provide services to larger companies and hire vendors to perform those types of services. Which will have much better payment structures and income opportunities. Check out the survey and mystery shopping guides for more information.

Survey Spot Review.

Sophie Blog Review: Scam or Not

Sophie Blog Review.

Sophies blogs looks like a prototypical sales site. Thats made to look like a blog and has a story of a single woman with kids making lots of money online. Doing something online thats easy and works really fast. Nothing specific is mentioned on the page. If its to good to be true, it probably is. Keep that in mind and checkout our video for a closer look.

See our video review of Sophies Blog.

Specialty Merchandise Corporation: Is SMCorp a Scam or Not.

Review of Specialty Merchandise Corporation: AKA SMCorp
Doing a quick review of the SMC work from home opportunity.

SMC Work from Home opportunity consists of making a website and promoting products specialty merchandise corporation offers. If trying to get into this type of online business SMC Home Business model isn’t the best way to go.

Most major web stores will have an affiliate program for their merchandize. Whether its selling laptops or selling shoes. People serious about learning this business should look for better sources of merchandize.

Looking at scam sites and just goggling SMCorp. I found lots of very upset consumers. People getting into business with SMCorp should think twice and really look at what their getting into.

SMC Work From Home / SMC Home Business Review.

The Six Figure Program Review: Legit or Not

Product Name: The Six Figure Program

Sixfigureprogram is an affiliate training program. I had a hard time figuring out exactly what they were selling by initially looking at the sales page on front page. Its a well done sales page and they make it sounds like its very easy.

Reality is that affiliate marketing is hard. That business model is saturated and the competition is pretty high when it comes to traffic sources. Its one thing to find something to promote but its another finding profitable traffic sources and learning how to make converting sales pages. This takes basic knowledge and mostly testing testing testing.

When doing my research online about the the six figure program. The feeling I got from people was that sixfigureprogram is pretty basic training / information kit. There is no wining formula or secret. Getting profitable in affiliate marketing requires more then just an ebook.

Most basic affiliate marketing information can be found on blogs and forums. Finding a good product to promote on the right traffic source and making it profitable. Takes doing homework and testing.

Video review of the six figure program.

Robert Allen Multiple Streams of Income: Scam or Not?

Robert Allen Multiple Streams of Income Review.

Robert Allen has been a money making guru for a long time. He started with Real Estate and is now moving into the make money online segment. He published a couple books and has build up the Robert Allen brand.

The books are fine and I wont talk about his guru status. Its the payment processing negativity his most recent online program is generating. Be careful if you purchase his program. Buyers all over the internet are complaining that they are being overcharged and re-billed on their credit cards. Read the terms and condition before buying any type of trail offer. There’s almost always a catch.

As for the program itself. Dont expect anything much. General regurgitated information you can find on most blogs and forums online. There’s no magic formula, if you want to successful you have to work. Online business is just like a real estate business, internet is just a platform.

See our Robert Allen Video Review.

Break Out Incomes Review.

Break Out Incomes sales page is pretty general. I had a hard figuring out exactly what money making system they were selling at first. This approach is standard in the make money online niche and a big giveaway.

The system teaches potential users how to do drop shipping online.

See our full video review of break out incomes.

Anthony Morrison Review: Is it a Scam

Anthony Morrison Review. Is his program a scam?

Anthony Morrison is a popular online money making Guru. He sells programs that promise to make you lots of money. Easy and Fast.

The reality is he probably makes his money on schmucks that purchase his program and not the actual process he sells. I’m of the option: if it makes so much money and its so easy, why expose your system. Making money online requires time and efforts, it not the wild wild west that used to be. Its just like opening a business in the real world, internet is just a platform.

So what does he teach. PPC and ROI. Buy clicks, send people to a landing page with a sales offer, make profit. There is 100 Forums and Blogs that talk about this and none will give you a winning formula. The only way to learn how to be profitable in this business is to test test test.

Idea is this.

You pay 50 cents per click.

You have an offer that pays you $20 per sale.

Whats the maximum amount of clicks you can buy and still be profitable.

15, 19, 20, 25 the correct answer is 19.

19 Clicks will cost you = $19.50

$20 Sale – $19.50 Click Expense = .50 Cent Profit. Thats 2.5% profit, now you can take that profit margin and scale (Buy more clicks) to a point were that 2.5% is substantial.

It not always this easy. Most offers and traffic wont give you positive numbers like this. Finding that elusive positive margin takes work. For anyone looking to purchase any programs. Save your money and lose it on clicks instead. Its will be the best training you can buy yourself.


Video Review: Anthony Morrison Scam.

Online Income Solutions Review: Scam or Legit.

Online Income Solutions

Online Income Solutions is an online website that sells a make money online kit. The sales page is very general and mostly made to sell. Words like quick, fast, easy always turn me away: because there’s no such thing. Plus the page is plastered with other brand logos like facebook and newspapers sites that have nothing to do with this website. But it builds trust to an untrained eye.

From what I found online about Online Income Solutions product. Its a very basic kit, information that can be researched online. Lots of people who weren’t happy with the product and tried to get a refund were unsuccessful (Read refund stipulation in the terms and condition always before giving anybody your credit card). In my opinion the best thing to learn from this site is how to make a sales landing page.

Another quick warning about online income solutions. I’ve seen lots of people complaint about Online Income Solutions refund policy. You have have been warned.

Video: Online Income Solutions Reviews.

Homewealthsolution Review: Legit or Not.

Video Review of Homewealthsolution.

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